Sunday, 15 August 2021

What's New At Laminak? WLRP - Wanderlust - Enchantment


Greetings Everyone ;-)

Hope you're all ok.

I'm kind of wondering where this years is disappearing to! 

I've been busy, as always, but realised today I haven't updated this since June! 

So, what have I been doing? Well, in a previous blog I mentioned I was going to take a little break from the big events to concentrate on a couple of new things and whilst I have been concentrating on these new things I haven't managed to get as far ahead with it I thought I might, so I'll have to keep this under my hat for a little longer O.O

I did submit a new item for the 'We Love Role-play' event in July.

A rustic garden set in 3 main textures with 22 cushion textures and I created a new beech wood texture option for the Opera Beds for a Wanderlust Weekend event - pics below.

Apart from that I kept my head down to learn new things O.O.

I promise I'll divulge in time what I've been doing but for now, my little 'event' hiatus has come to an end, tier still needs to be paid, and I've got a lot of events coming up, some pretty big ones in September and a few booked in for October so far. I'll still continue to learn new skills but can't devote as much time to them as I have been doing, I guess it's a case of slow and steady from now on and I need to chill out that things take me such a long time to learn hahaha. 

As for August events, I'm in the middle of making something for Wanderlust weekend, next weekend, and I'm currently at Redeux and Enchantment.

Redeux, is a sort of bye bye to Gatcha for Laminak (and all Gatcha's in Second Life with Linden Labs new ruling), I only have the one, and I've set it out with 30L per play and 50% off the sofas that match it.

And, for Enchantment, which started out with a theme of 'The Witcher' and is now 'Vally of Plenty', I've created a bath Medieval bathtub set. It comes in 3 different wood packs, each having gold and wrought iron band versions included and a host of other goodies to go with it. 

There are demos at the event and at Laminak Main Store for you to try out, taxi's to both are below ;-)

I think that's it, looking forward to creating a lot more things for Laminak over the next few months, but for now, that's all the news I have ;-)

Sending love and huge hugs to you all.

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Saturday, 12 June 2021

June Event Exclusives - Honey Collection - Medieval and Viking Drink, Food & Decor


Greetings Everyone ;-)

I'm behind again with posting information on here ;-( So I thought it might be better to create a single post about all the items (actually, almost all, there's another event coming up that I'm still making the item for O.O) into one post instead of individual posts, and as these items were created to match each other it makes more sense to explain what's new for June as a whole ;-).

Firstly there's an addition to the Midsummer Fruits Collection, a bowl of juicy oranges and lemons and a tray with a glass decanter full of refreshing orange and lemon juice.
The decanter comes in a pack with a vendor 2Li and a decor only version 1Li. 
The Bowl is decor only and 1Li at the size provided.
Available now at We Love Roleplay Event:
Next, there's Honey Bread and Honey Pudding.

The bread is decor only and 2Li at the size provided.

The Honey and Oat Pudding comes in a pack with a vendor 2Li and a decor only version 1Li, at the sizes provided.

The Vendor offers Male and Female bowls of puddings and spoons to wear, auto attach, and detach after 4-5 minutes.

Available at the Vintage Fair:

And finally, at least for now, there's a Bienstich Cake, Roman Libum Cakes, and Honey Mead vendors, available at Redeux from the 14th June - 21st June.

The Bienstich Cake (German Bee Sting Cake) comes in a pack of two, one on a pewter stand, and one on a rustic wood stand. Just 1Li each at the size provided and offers Male and Female slices of cake on a plate with a spoon. 

The Honey Mead comes on a rustic tray with pewter goblets filled with honey mead. Also a vendor, it offers male and female goblets. Just 1Li at the size provided.

And lastly, Roman Libum Cakes, a traditional honey cake intended as offerings to the spirits in ancient Roman times. Male and Female cakes provided with auto attach and detach.

Redeux Landmark:

Phew ;-) I think that's it for now. We're in Wanderlust Weekend next weekend (19th-20th June) with the last of the Viking/Medieval items and then there's one final event this month but that's not connected to this range, again more information on that very soon! ;-)

Hope you like it all, stay safe, and have fun.

Love and hugs



Hampton's Blanket Chest - Store Release



Little late posting this, it's been a crazy busy month getting ready for events in June, more about that in the next post, but there's a new item available now at the main store. 

A range of Blanket Chests, available in 7 wood options - White Oak, White Grunge, Beech, Mahogany, Aged Oak, Mid Oak and Black Wood - or as a fatpack with all woods.

The lid opens via the Kool Door script so it's perfect for RP sims.

The chest matches the other items in the Hampton's range and they're just 2Li at the size provided. 

Main Store Landmark:

Love and Hugs




Friday, 14 May 2021

Hampton's Console Table - New Store Only Release - Wanderlust Weekend

Greetings and weekend salutations to you all ;-)

It's the third weekend of the month which means Laminak is once again in the 'Wanderlust Weekend' Event ;-).

Running from the 15th - 16th May.

I've created a brand new item for it, the 'Hampton's Console Table', which matches the dresser and the display stand in the same range.

There are 7 different woods to choose from - White Oak, White Grunge, Beech, Mahogany, Aged Oak, Mid Oak, and Black. 

3Li each at the sizes provided, sold separately or in a fatpack.

And, for this weekend only, they're in the Wanderlust Weekend sale, just 50L each.

Hope you like them, the main store landmark is below and they're out for sale now ;-)

Hope you all have a fab weekend
Love and hugs

Laminak Main Store Landmark:

Pandora Fair


Greetings Everyone!

Just a quick one today as I've got another post to create after this. 

Laminak is in a brand new event called the 'Pandora Fair'.

The theme for this first round was 'Gods, Apocalypse & Mythology'.

I choose to concentrate on ancient Greece and Greek Mythology for my exclusives, and I've created a range of amphoras, jars, and pots, that I hope look old enough to have been in use during these times ;-)

There are 3 textures for each style and they're sold separately or as a fatpack.

The event opens on the 11th of May and runs through to the end of the month. 

You can see the items out on display at the main store and grab a LM while you're there for the event or take the taxi below. 

Hope you like them!

Hugs a plenty



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Laminak Main Store Taxi:

Tuesday, 11 May 2021

Exploring Fantasy Faire 2021


Greetings Everyone ;-)

I finally managed to fully explore all 21 sims of the 'Fantasy Faire' this year and loved every single minute of it!

I went to a couple of the events but still missed quite a bit of it, so I'm determined next year to participate in a few of the tours, and parties that are held during the brief time we have the Fairelands!

The region designers do an amazing job of immersing everyone into their fantasy worlds, and as always, as I'm sure it's the same for you, I have my favorites.

I have to start with the region where Laminak's store was located, inside a giant dragon egg! at A'Dracunas. Designed by Luna Barak and Alrunia Ahn.

When there are so many events to participate in each year, with standard boxes or tiny shells to fill up, it's was actually a lot of fun creating the interior of my little store for the Faire, and I loved being in this region.

OK, on to the next....

With there being so many regions, it's hard to choose actual favorites, they're all incredible! but choose I did, and here's my countdown of most liked regions at this year's Fantasy Faire.

In no particular order, the first is 'Scrimshaw Warrens - Sponsored by Aleutia and created by Lrriven'. 
Just such a fun place, with a path winding down below the surface into an icy world filled with caverns, and friendly, bongo-playing Yeti! Cold, dark, but lots of fun.

The next is 'Isles Of Tarrin - Sponsored by Teegle - Designed by Teager, Ketsui Naidoo, and Monstaar'.
This region reminded me of a place here in the Uk, in Wales, called Portmeirion Village. I loved the childlike feel of this, the bright airy colours, and village atmosphere, the bunting draped across the streets, and the fact that it was all perched on little islands in the sky made it all that little bit more fantastical, and special.

My next fav was 'Somniatoris Arx - Sponsored by Contraption. Designed by Walton.F.Wainwright, and Victor Eton'.
What can I say? apart from WOW and WOW. The time it must have taken to create this region is just mind boggling!
The buildings were majestic, centered around a huge cathedral with an enormous skeleton swathed in clouds of smoke from a swinging pendulum. I walked around this region a few times, just incredible!
Don't you think it's a shame the Faire only happens once a year and then poofs? All this hard work and then it disappears ... I guess that's what makes it all the more special though hey? ;-)

Anyway, on to the next!

'Ling Xiao Long - Sponsored by PaperFriends. Designed by Fiona Fei'
This looks just like a painting, right? in fact, no matter where you stood in this region you could take a photo and it would look right at home, hanging on your wall. I shouldn't be surprised at what people can do in Second Life anymore but at times I still am. If you missed this, it's such a shame because where else can you actually walk into a painting and immerse yourself in the artist's work? amazing. 

And, last but definitely by no means least, Fairelands Junction - Sponsored by The NeoVictoria Project. Designed by Saiyge Lotus.
I've picked this for one reason, and one reason only, and that's because this was the place to light a memorial candle, and light memorial candles I did! I actually lost count of how many I lit, but it was more about sitting there remembering people you've lost, in a serene, and peaceful place away from the crowds. The Faire is, after all, about raising funds to help those going through, or those who are helping someone go through, the treatment of cancer, and at the last count, we've all raised L$21,578,147 or $86,312 (USD)! I'm sure this total will go up before the Fairelands close, it's been extended another couple of days and if I find out what it ends up being I'll add it in here ;-).
I think that's it, I've spent plenty of lindens across the regions, bought some amazing things, had fun at a few events and so far, as there's still a day left to go, I'm thrilled to say that Laminak's 100% donation items and kiosk alone have raised ... 
I'm so grateful and thank you so much! to everyone who purchased one of the 100% donation items or added lindens to the donation box in the store. 
It might not seem like a lot compared to some store totals but this is 4 times more than my store raised last year, my first at the Faire ;-) So I'm over the moon and already looking forward to next year's FF!

Hope you all had fun exploring, hope you've grabbed some fabulous new things, and as the Fairelands close for another year, let's raise a glass to the sky and say cheers to those we've lost, for new friends made, and for a successful FF 2021!

Love and many many hugs to you all.


Sunday, 25 April 2021

New Laminak Main Store - We've Moved!!


My Final Blog for the day then I'm all caught up! Phew ;-)

I'm getting closer and closer to owning a sim! But, for now, a Homestead of my own is the logical next step.

You may be wondering why I've moved again ... and it pretty much boils down to needing more prims/land impact. I was running out, fast! The homestead the store was previously on I shared with my friend Aliah from God Mod, and it wasn't fair to ask her to move so I spent a couple of weeks pondering what to do, and then I found a homestead called 'Queens Lake' and well, it just seemed perfect! So I took the plunge and started renting it. 

I'm keeping hold of half of the old homestead, Shadowfell, to eventually use for the clothing that I mentioned previously, but for now, welcome to the new Laminak on Queens Lake! ;-)

I hope it's easy to get around, I've organized everything into better sections which I hope make sense, there are teleporters now in random places, but I wanted to keep the open feel of the previous store so that you can all fly around and stop where you want, so use them or just fly it's up to you ;-).

Taxi to the new store is below, use the taxi button to the right of this blog or check my profile pics for the store location.

OK, all caught up with news, a few more events coming up including another new event to Second Life, but more about that next month ;-)

Love and huge hugs to you all, as always ;-)



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